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Standard Chartered Bank UK: The facts

Standard Chartered Bank UK is a multinational financial institution, with its headquarters in London, England. This long established bank provides both private and wholesaling banking services. This article outlines Standard Chartered Bank and its various offerings.

An overview of Standard Chartered Bank

Standard Chartered bank is a long established financial institution, which has been in operation for more than 150 years. Although based in London, England, it provides its banking services in the UK and Europe, with retail outlets in Geneve, Germany and the Falkland islands.

Standard Chartered Bank financial offerings

Standard Chartered provides a full portfolio of investment services which are: Cash and Cash Alternatives These are liquidity products which are flexible and which offer competitive rates, such as FDIC-insured deposits for instance.
Structured products Standard Chartered provide a broad portfolio of bonds, commodities, funds, currency and equity markets, in a structured manner. It delivers good returns and a diverse portfolio, which should help to maintain the asset levels in case of market turn-down. Mutual funds Standard Chartered supply mutual funds from over 40 providers in order to give their customers the best possible range of funds.
Signature funds portfolio These are mutual funds, which have, a professional manager, who handle them in order to bring about the best results for the customer.
Signature securities portfolio
These are funds which are professionally managed and which focus on a particular geographical area or asset class. The intention is to produce a very high rate of returns for their customers. Wholesale transaction banking
They are services designed to help corporates and banks with their cash management services. They provide payment services, collection services, and liquidity management, clearing services, continuous linked settlement and Gateway banking.
Financial markets Standard Chartered have access to 37 capital markets, and this geographical know-how allows this bank to provide products which match the varying needs of their clients. These products are Islamic financing, bonds, syndicated loans and capital market solutions.
Corporate finance Standard Chartered approaches its clients in such a way that emphasises the relationship between Standard and its corporate and banking customers. In particular, its Straigh2Bank service is a fully integrated electronic channel which helps corporates and financial institutions with their banking needs. It provides easy access to global markets, transaction banking, with information management tools which are state of the art, and a routing system which can be via internet connection or even by a dedicated computer connection. Principal finance
The bank provides corporate and institutional level investments in the following verticals: ·Corporate private equity · Real estate · Infrastructure · Alternative investments · Selected investments

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