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Ten things to do when you are bored

Sometimes it can be hard to find something to do to keep you and your family entertained to fight boredom. However, rather than let it get the better of you, consider a few of these activities to do.

Try not to think about polar bears

This can be very difficult as soon as it's mentioned. The more you try not to think about the polar bears, you'll think about them. As you as you stop trying, there's chances that you'll think about them without realising.

People watch

This will work if you're out somewhere. Watch people and make up stories about what they're doing. You can give them voices and their own personalities. Either do the talking in your head or make sure someone else is there with you, otherwise you may come across a little crazy.

Play the word game

Whenever you have a conversation with someone, drop in a random word such as cookies. Watch the reaction of the other person. Most will wonder in their own head if you said it but if someone asks, just tell them that they must have been hearing things.


You'll be surprised by how much fun you can have doing puzzles. If you don't actually have any, make up your own. Think crosswords, jigsaws or every Sudoku problems; you'll also help your own brain.

Board games

Something that many people forget about is the fun of board games. You'll be surprised by how much time you can spend on one game. If you don't have any games of your own or are bored of them, there are plenty of fun games online that you can download. You could even create your own.

Arts and crafts

Find some paper, glue and anything you can think of to make some arts and crafts. You could create your own holiday cards or make jewellery. It will make an interesting way to pass the time.

Walk your dog

Having nothing to do is a great time to take your dog for a walk. If you don't have a dog, offer to walk your neighbour's dog. If you have no access to a dog, consider making your own pet just for fun.

Learn something new to cook

Use your free time to learn something new in the kitchen. Experiment to your heart's content.

Make a movie

Finding cool stuff to do can be hard but how about making up a mini movie with your friends? You can make it as stupid as you want.

Dom some decorating

You've wanted to give that spare room a paint for a while. Well, now is a good time for that.

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