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The beauty of old world maps

Whether you want an antique map to display on your wall or a coffee table book about old world maps, there are plenty of choices at affordable prices, if you know where to look. For hundreds of years mapmakers have been producing detailed and skillfully illustrated maps that not only reveal the history of the world but can also be enjoyed as a piece of art in their own right.

What to buy

The next best thing to an original world map is a reproduction print.
Get the look of an old parchment and the skill of the mapmaker at the fraction of the cost.
There are free maps of the world to download, but if you have a specific image in mind and want the quality and detailing of an old map, it may be better to pay to download it.
If, however, you want something a bit different that the whole family can enjoy, then you can always buy your world map in the form of a jigsaw puzzle.
To discover more about the history of map making or about the mapmakers, then it's best to pick a reference book specific to your interest.
Whether you want to study the images of vintage maps or a book that simply looks good displayed on the coffee table, there are a range of titles available.

Where to buy old world maps

Search for 'vintage maps' on eBay and it pulls up an array of map related products.
From beautifully drawn prints of ancient maps to cheap posters, there is something to suit everyone's budget. Amazon
The online retailer is a good place to buy detailed world map posters but it's worth reading the reviews before purchasing, as the quality of the posters varies. Amazon also has a good selection of books on the history of maps and mapmakers over the centuries. The Old Map and Clock Company
If you're after something unique then has a large selection of antique reproduction maps for sale on its website.
Available to buy as fine art prints, the maps are beautifully detailed and are based on originals from the period between 1610 and 1623.
Anquet Maps
Visit their website and you can browse their large collection of old maps of England.
Dating from 1805, their historical Ordnance Survey maps can be compared with their modern day equivalents.
You also have the option of buying a selection of these hand-drawn historical maps on disc.

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