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The benefits of a refrigerator water filter

Many refrigerators are fitted with water filters. But what are the benefits of filter water? Pure water from a fridge filter tends to be cleaner, tastes better and, of course, is chilled. In this article you can find out all the pros and cons of having a drinking water filter in the home.

An introduction to water filters

It is well known that your local council or water company will have their own filtration systems, designed to remove any harmful materials from drinking water before it reaches the home. Pure water
However, you may want to fit an additional water filter, so as to be doubly sure that you have completely pure water. Brands
Home water purification systems are most commonly fitted to the refrigerator, and are produced by many different companies. Whirlpool and Samsung filters are available, but whoever you buy your filter from, it will have the same positive and negative points.

Positive points

Water purifiers are used to remove any impurities that may be in your drinking water. These include anything the water may pick up when traveling along pipes from the filtration plant to your home.
Better taste
As well as ensuring your drinking water is as healthy as it can be, using kitchen filters also makes your water tastes better. Saves money
Water cartridges can also save you money. While you may have had to buy bottled mineral water in the past, this need is eliminated by fitting a home water filter. Limescale
If you live in a hard water area, a filter is also a great benefit. This will cut down limescale build up. Chilled water
Finally, a refrigerator water filter means you will have access to chilled water whenever you want it.

Negative points

There are few negative points to fitting a water filter in the kitchen. After all, it can remove contaminants from drinking water and improve the way the water tastes. Reduce space
However, a refrigerator water filter will reduce the amount of space available in the fridge. As such, it may not be practical if you have a small fridge.
You will also have to pay to replace water filters occasionally, to ensure the filter remains in peak condition. Filter replacement can be inconvenient. Breaking of the filtration
Pure filter water may taste better than water straight from the tap, but if the water filtration system breaks, you may have to replace the entire fridge. This is both costly and troublesome.

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