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The benefits of ceramic flooring

Flooring is a very specific and important element in your home. You could have the bare boards that the house came with on show, but they would need to be treated. So whatever you do to your home, your flooring is always going to take quite a bit of work. One of the most interesting flooring types you can have are ceramic floors.

Types of flooring

There are so many options when you are putting down flooring. You can carpet it, use wood flooring, vinyl or tiles. It really is just down to your preference. You also need to think about if each room in your home will use the same flooring. Technically, you can use the same flooring throughout your home, but do you really want a carpeted bathroom or a tiled bedroom? With ceramic tiled floors, you have to think about what you want before you buy too, because it is not as simple as buying carpet or picking a type of wood. You need to know if you want multiple coloured tiles, will you have some special ones, and will they all be the same size. The best thing about ceramic tiling is how versatile you can make your home.


It has many advantages over floor types. For instance, if you want floors of the hard wood variety, you will not have cheap flooring. Hard wood flooring uses expensive woods and also requires a lot of upkeep. The same goes for black marble flooring, unless you can find marble for sale you will be left with a very large bill. On the other hand, it would be less expensive if you invested in cheap laminate floor tiles, but they will look cheap, as great as they are they never actually look like wooden floors. In cases of damages tiles, same can be replaced easily Another advantage of ceramic flooring is that if there are any damaged tiles, you can simply replace one or two instead of having to rip up your entire floor.


You can get everything you need for ceramic flooring from most of your average high street DIY stores. B&Q and Ikea have a fantastically large range of cheap tiles and paving supplies. Look out for flooring sales in these stores. As always, you could go online too. If you are thinking about trying flooring made from slate, remember that roofing tiles are not tiles for flooring. You have to get the right equiptment or you risk paying twice.

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