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The benefits of joining an online book club

Online book clubs are becoming more and more popular. Different types of online book clubs from literary to mystery can be found to suit every reader's need. This article details out the benefits of joining an online book club.

Online book clubs are a great way to find new books

For those who love books, there are a variety of online book groups with a selection of good books to read. Readers can choose the latest books or read a selection of mysteries or classics. Book clubs can also be found for teens or people with special interests. Among the most popular types of book clubs online are groups who read and discuss current literary novels such as Water for Elephants or The Glass Castle. Mystery book reading groups are also very popular. Readers can find book previews ranging from the latest mystery thriller by James Patterson to current detective and whodunit fiction. Other online book groups concentrate on the classics, such as Pride and Prejudice. Whatever a person's taste in fiction, joining an online book club is a great way to catch up on the latest books in a favourite genre and share opinions with others who have read them.

Online book group members become part of a community that connects them to others who love books

Most online book groups work by having a monthly selection which each participant reads. Sometimes, the periodic selection is chosen by a group leader and sometimes the members of the club vote on which book to read. Each reader can usually purchase a copy of the book online, as a paperback or as an online eBook. For people who love reading, the book club can be a great way to discuss books with others in a group without ever leaving the comfort of home. Readers can become an active and important part of a community that shares their own particular interests. Members can participate in book forums and express their opinions and read reviews of books that others post.

Where to find popular online book groups

Libraries often sponsor an online group as well as one that meets at the local library, so searching library web pages is one way of finding an online group to join. Publishers also often sponsor online reading groups to help promote their authors. Many of them are free and some offer discounts on books. Below is a list of existing online book groups and links to information about :
- Book Talk
- 4 Mystery Addicts
- Oprah's Book Club
- Online Book Club The benefits of joining an online book group are many. It can open the mind to a whole new experience and put a reader in touch with the latest books and others who enjoy reading them.

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