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The benefits of rug pads

A rug pad is a mat or pad available in a material like rubber, felt or jute which is placed under a carpet. Why spend on something which will never be seen? Rug pads enhance the performance of the area rug and protect it from premature aging. They are available in shapes and sizes to suit any carpet and can be trimmed to requirement. For their affordable cost, rug pads provide satisfactory benefits.


As one walks or drags furniture on an area rug, they can wrinkle up and shift in position. Not only does this look untidy, but this also creates the risk of tripping. Rug pads secure the carpet in position and reduce the possibility of tripping and falling. They can hold up rugs of wool, jute, shag rugs and other carpets which are lighter and more prone to shifting. Non-slip rugs are important for vulnerable users like the elderly and specially designed non-slip rug pads are also available.


A rug pad creates another layer of cushioning and makes the surface feel softer and warmer. This is appreciated in areas where people can sometimes gather and sit down on the carpet such as children’s rooms and living areas. The additional layer also improves the acoustic insulation of the floor and softens the atmosphere of the room.


Anyone with an aging rug would have noticed that the signs of wear are first visible at the underside. The under surface is crushed against the hard-floor by the users’ weight and starts to thin down. The rug pad acts as a buffer and reduces the friction and resultant wear and tear. Its affordable price makes it a practical investment to increase the life of the more expensive rugs and carpets. Protects the floor surface The protection offered by carpet pads is not restricted only to the carpet but also extends to the floor surface. With the use of carpets, dust which is collected on the top surface can get caught under the surface. This is particularly observed in open weaves and lighter carpet textiles. With pressure, these dirt debris and dust can cause abrasions on the floor below. Hardwood floors are very susceptible to this damage.


The rug pad keeps the rug at a distance from the floor permitting a pocket of air below. This makes vacuuming more effective since the dirt can be sucked out easily. The air circulation also helps keep the rug ventilated and prevents problems related to poor circulation such as mold, mildew and bacterial growth. These can cause staining, odour and premature aging rendering the rug unusable. Final word The benefits of a rug pad far exceed its low cost.

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