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The pros and cons of a barbed wire fence

Before you erect a safety or private fence around your property, farm or business, there are a few important facts to consider. Taking these facts into consideration before making your final decision may save you money as well as prevent you from making a mistake in erecting the wrong type of fence.

Different fencing materials available

You have a choice between the following: wooden fences, barbed wire fences, vinyl fences, steel fences and chain link fences. Barbed wire fencing is probably the most popular type of fencing being used.
Advantages The biggest benefit in erecting a barbed wire fence is the security factor it offers. It is ideal for securing properties such as your house and business premises. - Due to its sharp barbed wires, it is able to keep out intruders and people who look to gain unlawful entry to your property. - Barbed wire used for farm fencing is ideal in keeping animals and wild life from roaming around outside the borders of the farm. - It also prevents animals from entering corn fields, newly planted fields and areas of the farm where they might cause serious damage. - The police also use barbed wire as barrier security with riots and during strikes.


A clear disadvantage when you use it at your residence is that it could harm innocent people like your kids. For this reason, be extra careful or rather use a safer material such as wood or vinyl fencing. Its popularity has however increased with the use of barbed wire on almost all farms and game farms
What to consider before making your choice Fencing comes in different materials and these materials have various practical functions. You need to identify what the main reason for the fence is and this will automatically help you choose the material which is ideal for your fence. Consider the budget you have available as well, as it will also influence your final choice. Prices also differ a lot between the different materials. There are also various suppliers of fencing supplies out there, which means you have to do your homework on all the available options before deciding on your final supplier. Make use of the Internet where you can make an immediate search on all the necessary information, such as prices and reviews of all products and suppliers.

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