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What are the benefits of a keypad door lock

Door locks influence not only the safety aspects, but also the convenience of door access allowed. Keypad door locks are gaining popularity in both homes and offices. They differ from traditional locks since they are unlocked by using an electronic keypad for entering a security code. Read further to appreciate the benefits of a keypad door lock.

Convenience of keyless entry

Since digital keypad door locks do not require a key for unlocking, homeowners can enjoy several conveniences of a keyless entry. You need not worry about keeping track of your house keys when leaving the house. In the event of getting locked out, there is no need for panic or for trying to reach a locksmith which would be required in a traditional lock. You can enter the house by simply punching in the security code. You can choose to share the security code with any number of people whom you require without making duplicate keys. This makes keypad door locks a useful choice for offices and business establishments, where access may be required for a large number of employees.

Additional security

With traditional locks, there is always the worry of the keys falling into the wrong hands. Several homeowners are in the habit of stashing away spare keys or copy keys over the door or in a flowerpot which can be a security risk. With keypad door locks, there is no danger of unauthorised access through a misplaced or stolen key.

Programming access by others

A big advantage of the keypad door locks is that it is computer programmable. Most keypad door locks allow the code to be changed through a computer programme. The owners can change the code even when they are away from home. This allows a lot of flexibility in sharing the code with other people who may need access and changing it to a secure code when their requirement is over. For instance, if you are away at work and need to allow access to a repairman or house help, you can change the access code and share it with those whom you wish to grant access. Once their job is done, you can delete the old keypad entry and revise it to an exclusive code. This allows you to schedule repairs and other access without having to part with a key or be physically available at the house. At the same time, the home security is not compromised. Keypad door locks are preferred due to the several conveniences of a keyless entry.

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