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The pros and cons of a chair and a half

Chair and a half is a novel name given to modern piece of sophisticated furniture. It is broader and deeper than the normal ones but narrow than a love seat. It is fully made of fluffy cushion. This is perfect for those who love to whorl up, and this will be the unconquerable furniture to provide comfort.

Where and how to use chair and half:

The chair and a half can be used in small rooms, as the wider chairs give a complete look. It is best suited to make you relaxed in a cosy corner with a book or a loved one. The chair and a half can also be put in the drawing room where you tend to spend so much time with your family. A reclining chair is also used for a nap, for watching TV or even for reading a book. You can also put this chair in the guest room. This will serve the dual purpose of acting like a sofa or sofa bed. This lounge chair can be made of leather or any other variety of fabric. It may be with or without arms. It is made in fashionable or traditional style. There are different types of chairs that serve different purposes. So, choosing a chair accordingly can be fruitful. One can unwind on a glider chair with his/her favourite pass time. There also an Ottoman accompanied with the chair and a half, where you can stretch yours legs comfortably. There is also storage inside the Ottoman.

Advantages and disadvantages:

After a tiring day, the modern lounge chair helps you to stretch your feet and relax.The ones with Ottomans will provide greater comfort and act as beds. The master suite makes you have great time with your loved ones with increasing intimacy. Sofa sets may be too big for a master bedroom, while two separate chairs may not give a posh look. The chair and a half better holds good for both the purpose. Its greatest advantage is that it consumes less space than the conventional sofa. When it comes to the disadvantages - as every coin has two sides -, there are many to list. The greatest disadvantage is that the frequent users of chair and a half get spinal and neck problems in their older age. The use of these chairs also leads to disk slip. It is only used for leisure activities and cannot be used in official places. These types of chairs and halves are also prone to dust and dirt. Frequent maintenance is required which is actually tough. These are not also easily portable

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