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The pros and cons of an attic conversion

Many people decide that a home extension is a good idea when buying a new home that they want to make bigger or when trying to add value or space to a pre-existing home. If you have a loft, then one of the best ways to add space is a loft conversion. If you have loft ideas, the next step is to consider the attic design/loft design and get some loft plans drawn up.


There are many benefits and advantages to having an attic conversion in your home. Add value to your pre-existing home Adding an attic conversion will help to add value to your home without the need to have a whole new building extension on your house. It is a great way to cut costs as you are only converting a room rather than building a new one from scratch. Add space An attic conversion can be used as an office space, a snug or even a loft bedroom. So, if your family grows, you don't have to move house to get the extra space that you will need. Add interest People love to see an add conversion and it can increase real interest to your home or could become a real focal point which can be great for parties or events. If you are trying to sell your home, an attic conversion just might be what sends the buyer over the edge.


Although, there are many advantages to having an attic conversion, there are always some drawbacks. Disruption If you are still living in the home whilst having an attic conversion, the building work can cause a large amount of disruption in your day-to-day life. It can be very noisy and messy which isn't ideal if you work at home or have young children. Permission
Obtaining planning permission for the project can be very difficult and can become a very long process. This can subsequently become very costly and then, the planning may be rejected. Hard to insulate
Attic conversions can be very difficult to insulate. Hence, if you do decide to convert the attic into a bedroom, this must be taken into consideration.

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