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The pros and cons of blanket boxes

Blanket boxes are wooden boxes, designed much like chests, and intended to store blankets or other items. Blanket boxes can be a charming addition to a room and serve multiple functions. However, their use is being gradually replaced by other alternatives which are considered more effective. If you are undecided on whether you should opt for blanket boxes, read further for information on associated pros and cons.


Though ideally suited as a bedding box, blanket chests provide roomy storage for a variety of items. Since they are spacious, they can house bulky and oversized items with ease. They make a great choice for keeping seasonal and rarely used items stored out of sight. Multiple functions
Blanket boxes serve multiple functions. They can provide additional seating, made comfortable by adding cushions. Low tables act as coffee tables while tall ones serve as bedside furniture. Wood Ottomans serve both storage and seating functions. Aesthetics
Blanket chests are available in a variety of wood. Oak and pine boxes are most common. Cherry, walnut, maple and wicker are other alternatives. The aesthetics of real wood storage can bring warmth and character to room décor which cannot be matched by other materials like plastic. Wood can be stained, varnished or painted over for decorative advantage. Ready-to-assemble options
If convenience is important, you can consider blanket boxes which are marketed as ready to assemble furniture and are delivered in flat packs. They are provided with simple instructions on assembly and may come with a toolkit. This alternative also helps to save costs. Novelty
In a world of optimised and feature-rich furniture storage solutions, blanket boxes stand out as classic items with enduring appeal. They make great homes for memorabilia and personal treasures because of the chest-style appearance. Since they display a long-standing tradition, they make for great heirlooms.


Space consuming
Storage chests are generally quite bulky and will consume floor space. With apartments growing smaller and the need for easy mobility, people find other options like collapsible storage or wall-mounted storage more beneficial. Storage access
New furniture styles offer features like drawers, sliders, trays and options for hanging which allow easier display and access of stored items. Though chest boxes can hold a lot, they do not offer many options for keeping storage organised. Ventilation
Though wicker allows ventilation, most wooden chests and trunks have stuffy interiors, which promotes odours. Other materials
Wood needs frequent maintenance to ensure its upkeep. This makes it difficult to resist competition from low-maintenance materials like plastic which are also far less expensive. If you can afford the space, blanket boxes can be a unique and nostalgic addition to the room.

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