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How to build a king-sized bed

Building your own king-sized bed is not as difficult a task as it may seem. You just need to assemble a box out of wood that is large enough for your king-sized mattress to be placed on for a comfortable night's sleep. Follow the guide below to learn with just a few tools and some basic DIY skills how to build a king-sized bed.

Measurements and materials

Dimensions of standard king size beds
Standard king size beds are 80 inches or 203 centimetres in length and measure 76 inches or 193 centimetres wide. These are the most important measurements to remember so that king size mattresses will sit easily on the frame of your bed. Plywood
Buy four sheets of plywood. Each sheet should measure four feet by eight feet (120 cm x 240 cm) and you will also need a piece of 2X2 or 5X5 plywood measuring two feet or 60 cm in length. Circular saw
Take the first sheet of plywood and by using a circular saw, carefully measure two pieces of 80 inches (203 cm) in length by six inches (15 cm) wide. You will need two pieces of 76 inches (193 cm) long and six inches wide. The single piece of 2x2 should be cut into four equally sized pieces, each of six inches in length. Each of these pieces will be the basic frame for your bed.

Building the bed.

By using one piece of 2x2 for each corner, assemble the frame into a rectangular shape nailing each piece into position to ensure a solid connection. Supporting struts
From the second board, you can cut eight support struts each of six inches in width and of a length to fit snugly inside the frame. Position equally on the inside of the frame and nail into place. Ensure that the top and bottom edges fit perfectly or the top with not be positioned correctly.
Final pieces of plywood
One of the two remaining pieces of plywood will cover most of the frame that you will just have to cut to a length of 80 inches. The second piece will only require 28 inches x 80 to be used. Place the larger of the two onto the frame ensuring that the corners are positioned carefully and nailed into place along the edges and into the struts for additional rigidity. Place the second piece onto the frame and nail this into position ensuring that the nails all enter into the support struts.
Finishing the bed
Cover all the heads of the nails and paint your king-sized bed frame. When it is dry, place a new mattress on top and it is ready for use.

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