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The pros and cons of full beds

Full beds, also known as double beds, are a standard bed size available. Measuring 54” by 75”, these beds have several advantages and disadvantages which are a result of their size. They are often compared with twin beds and queen beds when buyers select furniture. Here are some pros and cons of full beds.


Spacious for single adult
The size makes them a very comfortable choice for single adults who enjoy plenty of sleeping room. Their width is greater by about 15” as compared to twin size beds making them a spacious alternative for single sleepers. Use by children
Due to their larger size as compared to single beds, they are ideal for young children, who can move about a lot during sleep. In fact, they are quite useful as beds for children in the transition phase from the crib or co-sleeping to sleep beds. Bolster cushions or bed rails can be provided to prevent accidental falls. Two children can also share the bed comfortably. Fit in smaller rooms
With the design of small apartments and rooms, some over-sized beds can take up too much space and do not leave enough area around them for circulation, storage or placement of other items. Full beds fit easily in small areas and leave room to spare. In case you have a guest room which is restricted in area, appointing it with a full bed could serve your needs well.


Space for two adults
The full bed is not spacious enough for two grown-ups due to the narrow width. This can limit its flexibility. Restrictions in size
Full beds have lesser length than most other beds. This makes them uncomfortable for taller people. They do not compare favourably with Queen beds which are 5” longer. Differences in sizing
Though they are a standard bed size type, there are some variations in their measurements. The U.S. full beds are 54” wide and 75” long while the U.K. full beds are 48” wide and 75” long. Full beds are sized as 140 cm by 200 cm in Europe and 122 cm by 200 cm in Asia. Take care to check the actual size thoroughly to avoid confusion and mismatch when you buy a mattress. It may be more convenient to buy the bed with a mattress since many manufacturers concentrate on other mattress sizes. Check your bedroom size to match scale when buying a full bed.

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