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The benefits of hanging storage

Wall organisers, hangers and rails are becoming common storage solutions for both the home and the office. Hanging storage while saving space and offering convenient access can also be decorative in styling. Comparatively cheaper than built furniture, such storage is great for a range of requirements. Read further to appreciate the benefits of hanging storage.

Space saving designs

Unlike furniture units like dressers or chest of drawers, hanging storage can keep the floor clear. This means that more area is available for other activities. Some designs like wall organisers or pocket organisers for shoes can be neatly tucked away by hanging them on walls or door faces. Mail organisers hanging from a desk partition can keep the worktop surface clear.


Access It is much easier to locate and access a stored item when it is hanging since its biggest advantage is that items do not get mixed up. Items on shelves, drawers and cabinets need to be sorted out. It is much easier to put a shirt on or off a hanger rather than sort through a stacked pile or fold it to place it back. Portable Hanging storage is light and can be easily moved around. You may want to add hangers for guest rooms when visitors are expected or have additional ones in your wardrobe. Whether you change your mind about storage requirements or are required to move home, hanging storage is portable and can be customised quickly and effortlessly. Cheaper Hanging storage is generally cheaper than built storage and is easily available. Items like board organisers or wall organisers can even be crafted by DIY enthusiasts.


Hanging storage is more airy and items are not piled or stacked together. This allows better ventilation since items are not in constant contact with each other or with the storage unit. Storing damp street clothes from hanging rails can ensure that they dry out and are ready for use the next time. In fact, a portable clothes hanging rack can double up as a drying rack and placed in the balcony to get for a welcome sun-dried feel for clothes. Hanging shoes from a wall mounted shoe organiser or shoe hanger can keep to help air them out. Hanging shoe racks rest off the floor and allow access for floor cleaning.


Hanging storage need not be limited in terms of designs. Storage solutions for children’s bedrooms often have fabric holders which can be hung in a corner. These can be brightly coloured and printed in different themes. Wall organisers with pockets can be hand-painted or embroidered to look like art pieces. Optimise storage in your home and office by including hanging storage pieces.

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