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The pros and cons of sofa beds

A popular design solution with a great variety in designs, the sofa bed can be the right choice for your requirements. However, buying a sofa bed can mean a large purchase, so weigh the pros and cons to inform yourself.


Multi-purpose use The very design intent of a sofa bed is to provide a multi-functional piece of furniture. While planning furniture layout in restricted spaces, like studio apartments, a
multi-functional furniture piece is preferred over smaller-size multiple items. They effectively utilise space, while maintaining comfort. The sofa bed serves as a sofa during the daytime and converts to a bed at night, by operating adjustable bed frames. Conversion to a sofa by day frees up the floor space for circulation. In kids' rooms, childrens sofa beds can accommodate play area by daytime. For small apartments, a sofa bed provides sleeping arrangements for guests. Design choices Sofa beds have myriad designs to suit every requirement. Configurations are varied, depending on number of seats, design of sofa arms, opening arrangement, appearance and mattresses sizes. Some sofas convert to beds, by pulling-out or unfolding mechanism or by converting the back. The variety in price is adequate. Favourable comparison with alternatives They provide better comfort, as compared to other arrangements, like sleeping on futons or the floor. Compared to futons, they are typically more durable and have a greater range in sizes.


Heavy weight Sofa beds are very heavy and bulky. They can be very inconvenient items to use, if one moves apartments or changes the furniture layout often. They are difficult to handle in restricted spaces, such as narrow staircases, low landings and odd angled entries to apartments. Comfort Most convertible sofa beds do not match the comfort of a regular bed and may not be preferred for a regular basis. Since the parts, which are pulled out or folded down, do not have the support from the main sofa structure, they sometimes seem unstable and show tipping at the far end. Full beds offer better support and stability. The springs and bars of the sofa can also feel uncomfortable. Need to ensure quality Quality is paramount for satisfactory use of sofa beds. Poor quality sofa beds are uncomfortable to use. Opening mechanisms may require so much efforts that they discourage their regular operation and defeat the very purpose that they are intended for. Quality is closely linked to the price and therefore, the sofa bed should be thoroughly evaluated against a checklist to ensure smooth mechanism, locking arrangement in bed position, easy handling and comfort. A superior quality sofa bed is a great solution for space planning due to its
multi-functional use.

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