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The pros and cons of the English Rose kitchen

The English Rose kitchen is a British design classic. Considered ahead of its time when it was first introduced in the 1940s, it paved the way for the modern day modular kitchen. Today, the English Rose Kitchen is enjoying a revival, having become a must-have item in vintage kitchen furniture. Here are some interesting things to know about these 20th century antiques.

The advantages of English Rose kitchens

Launched in the post-war era by Constant Speed Airscrews (CSA) Industries, and made of
industrial-strength aluminium, trimmed with stainless steel, the English Rose kitchen created design history when it was first launched. Aeronautical technology was used to construct the cabinets, which were designed to bolt together, thus allowing for easy installation. The aluminium construction also made possible the single defining feature of this kitchen: the curved front drawer panel, which allowed maximum work surface depth. Buying an English Rose kitchen has some distinct advantages and is worth the investment. Durability Rugged construction has made this classic of English kitchens last a lifetime, and sometimes beyond! The cabinets can be bolted together and thus also taken apart and rearranged.
Today’s kitchens are seeing a revival in the retro style and the English Rose kitchen is considered a classy addition to any kitchen. When re-conditioned and restored, these kitchens look fabulous - add a touch of vintage with kitchen seat pads or shabby chic cushions and one can recreate the retro look.
Investment value
Since the vintage look is in vogue, investing in an English Rose kitchen and accessories makes good sense as their value is likely to increase over a period of time. A good place to buy a vintage kitchen is from Source Antiques (

The downside

With all its advantages, there are certain things to consider about English Rose kitchen before investing in one. These fifty-plus year kitchens can be tricky at times and in some homes, it is better to simply invest in an MDF kitchen.
The original work surfaces of an English Rose kitchen are almost always stained or marked and will need to be replaced with a modern counter-top, which calls for additional expense. However, the original does not conform to standard sizing and integrating these kitchens with today’s modern appliances proves to be tricky.
Although vintage is trendy, not all prospective buyers like the idea of a retro-style kitchen. Hence, having an English Rose kitchen may not be a good idea for home owners considering reselling. All said and done, the English Rose kitchen brings back the style and allure of the 1950s and owning one, or even an accessory, is definitely worth the investment

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