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The top five black comedians

There are a huge number of top black comedians in the world with a majority of them emerging from the United States of America. This article looks at the five most popular black comedians in the world.

Richard Pryor

Richard Pryor revolutionised the world of black stand-up comedy when he broke through to the mainstream audience. Pryor’s act was unapologetic, aggressive, and deeply steeped in black life. Pryor didn’t just know how to tell a joke, but he knew how to tell a joke in areas of life where people had not thought that laughter existed. From drug addiction to his public demolishing of the N-word in his off-stage conversations, Pryor knew how to make others laugh at things that would not normally be laughed at.

Cedric the entertainer

Before Cedric became the host of Bet’s popular Comic View, and one of four comedians featured on the Kings of Comedy Tour, he was a funny man who sold insurance during the work week and told stand-up jokes during the weekend. The early hard work paid off and now, Cedric The Entertainer has lived up to his stage name in venues all around the world.

Chris Rock

Chris Rock is arguably the best, and most famous black comedians performing stand-up comedy today. Rock's material comes from the heart, but most noticeably from his brain. This is where he comes up with some of his most well-known jokes like his long tirade and explanation on the difference between “black people” and “niggers” and rich” and “wealthy”.

Bill Cosby

Before he became America’s dad in his sitcom series, The Cosby Show, Bill Cosby was one of the biggest stand-up comedians in the 60s and 70s. Unlike his peers like Pryor and Gregory, Cosby gained notoriety for keeping his stand-up acts clean and without the use of swear words.

Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy may still be making at least one movie every year, but he made his name in the world of stand-up comedy. He was the one wearing the red leather suit in Delirious making jokes about men claiming the house when they’re drunk and memorable impressions of Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and James Brown. Before he went in the field of films, Eddie Murphy was the biggest black stand-up comedian in the world

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