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Theory clothing: The facts

Theory is a contemporary fashion label, launched by Andrew Rosen in New York in 1997. This article takes a closer look at Theory clothing, and the pieces the label has to offer.

Products in the Theory range

Theory sells high-end men's and women's clothing in the US and Japan, and their products are available for purchase in the UK from
The brand prides itself on creating well-made ready to wear clothing to create a streamlined silhouette.
Theory has an excellent range of professional-looking yet interesting work wear, including some stylish but understated dresses, and some well-cut blazers for women.
You can view the latest theory products at Favourites on the theory website include the Jaylyn Blurred Dress which comes in at US$325 and the daring but classy Cerisina S Impeccable dress.
This particular white shirt dress is not for lovers of spaghetti or red wine, but if you can keep it white, will look fabulous with one of the label's exquisite jackets. The Cerisina S Impeccable dress retails at US$275. Theyskens' Theory
For a more adventurous evening look, check out the Theyskens' range at Theory. One of the hottest Theory dresses available from has to be the fabulous Theyskens' Theory Delia Glazed leather mini-dress, available from Net-a-porter in the UK for £810.
The Anne Marie Jersey maxi-dress in Khaki is another must-have piece and is great value at £220 from, also from Net-a-porter.

How to wear Theory clothing

The basics
Theory clothing is a favourite with the US-based version of Elle magazine.
The Gabe B tailor blazer is chic and would be an excellent way to lift a cheaper plain black shift dress, to add a touch of class.
The blazer is available in a variety of colours and is priced at $375 from If you find Theory clothing a little on the expensive side, you might find theory clothing on sale in the Net-a-porter seasonal sales.
However, because of the brand's classic chic, Theory clothing lends itself well to mixing and matching, meaning that you don't need to clad yourself from head to toe in designer clothes to achieve an elegant, polished look.
Final word
Stores such as Mango and Zara do excellent work wear basics, such as jackets, shirts and shift dresses which will work perfectly with the simple, streamlined designs of Theory pieces. *All prices correct as of 19/06/2011.

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