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Tips on selecting an accent chair

Selecting an accent chair can be a difficult task even for the most decisive person. Accent chairs are independent items placed in a room to create additional seating and showcase the home style and decor. While browsing for chairs, keep these tips in mind to select the chair for your requirements.

Role in the setting

Function Think about the anticipated function. Accent chairs can be set within the living room and extend existing seating, or located independently to create secondary functional seating. An accent armchair clubbed with a small table, becomes a reading nook. Two accent chairs, placed together create a conversation space detached from the main living area. Location Always imagine the room setting for proposed location. The chair size should be scaled to the size of the room. Remember that it will need space for circulation around it. Chairs with sculptural forms are best appreciated when they are set independently, as opposed to being placed against a wall or squeezed between other items.
Designs Designs with decorative backs are best for floating chairs, wherein all aspects of the chair are visible. If space is limited, go for cleaner lines and contemporary forms.


Consider the nature of use of the chair as occasional seating during social gatherings or extended seating for television viewing or reading. Accent chairs can also double-up to serve multiple purposes.
Fabric Fabric plays a crucial role in the sense of comfort and soft, breathable fabrics perform best in this regard. Whether considering upholstered accent chairs, modern armchairs or ones that allow you to sit with your feet tucked under, make sure that you spend some time actually using the chair in the store.


Accent chair furniture, as the name suggests, creates interest in the room decor through variation and design. While it need not match perfectly with the room decor and may even contrast with it, it should seem at home in the setting. Though tricky, this aspect of selection can effectively express your personal taste. Feel free to consider quirky pieces, but make sure that they do not compete with other elements.
Prices and colours Since accent chairs can be expensive and buying new ones to meet latest trends may not be an affordable option, you can choose a comfortable chair in soft colours and classic fabrics for an enduring appeal. Colour and trends can be integrated by using pillows with changeable covers.


Prevent impulse buys and prepare yourself by browsing design catalogues and retail stores websites before you venture out. This will give you an idea of available choices and budget. Select your accent chair by keeping in mind the setting and balance comfort with style.

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