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Top five Wi-Fi cards for laptop

When people buy a laptop, they often automatically assume that the wireless or Wi-Fi cards, that are built into their system are as good as they'll ever need. For the casual surfer, it may be true, but when you get more serious and start using your Wi-Fi LAN for heavy traffic or its networking monitoring abilities, then your laptop Wi-Fi card has to be good. This article will show which companies produce the best cards.

Laptop cards vs a dongle and what is it all about?

Whatever you do, You must not opt for a Wi-Fi Dongle, unless you have to use them as Wi-Fi extenders. These are in, no way, comparable to laptop cards, that are on the market.
Definition A dongle refers to a USB device, that acts as a Wi-Fi connection, that you can use to create a Wi-Fi network. Some manufacturers make these, so that you can have Wi-Fi Internet through Internet USB. Communication of laptop with wireless LANs If you just want to make your wireless laptop communicate with wireless LANs, then you can use something, like Belkin adapters to create a WLAN network. A wireless computer or laptop would need to have Wi-Fi access to the Internet, through an AP or Access Point, such as a broadband router to connect to the Internet.

Choosing the best Wi-Fi card

These are the top recommended card manufacturers for laptops on the market today, and they are all good at the basics, though some are exceptional for other more specialised uses. This article looked at card manufacturers that produce cards, operating at the 2.4Ghz frequency, because these have better ranges than a 5Ghz Wifi card. The best tip is to choose a card for your Wi-Fi connections from one of these manufacturers, and always go for the best you can afford as any streaming will be a much easier. Atheros
They have a good range of cards with open source drivers, that are readily available drivers, which are needed for specialist applications like network monitoring. D-Link
They have a huge range of Wi-Fi adapters for LAN networks, and are one of the most respected manufacturers on the market. NetGear
They have long had a reputation of producing very stable network adapters, and you would struggle to find network tools that perform better. Linksys
They have been around since 1995, and parent company Cisco Systems has based their business on creating reliable hardware, and supporting it with regularly updated software. Gigabyte
They are rapidly gaining a good reputation in the Wi-Fi Internet adapter industry, after traditionally making motherboards and graphic cards.

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