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Top five most stylish Broadway posters

The creation of a Broadway poster has to be well considered as it should be able to reflect the story and feel of the stage show. To reflect an in-theatre experience in the form of artwork can be a tricky process. We have five examples of the very best stylish and classic Broadway posters to gaze at.


The Broadway poster for the classic musical, Cats, has been recognised throughout the world. Yet when many people look at the poster, all that they see is a dark atmosphere with two glaring cat eyes looking back at them, the eyes being the window to the world where the cats sing, play and survive. The scrawl of the title is suggestive of a cat's paw clawing the letters into the poster, and the minimal design is effective and instantly recognisable, making this poster a timeless classic.


The Hairspray Broadway poster is a fantastic attention grabber. The hair, the eye and the mouth suggest a face full of personality and colour. The white washes the less important details of the face away and focuses our eyes on the title - a delight of magazine style lettering. The poster oozes personality and style, making this poster a memorable image.

South Pacific

South Pacific may not be a poster that is fresh and sleek in design, but it does provide all the design essentials to be able to hear that music ringing in your ears. The palm tree, the exotic flowers and the golden yellow colour all present a happy and tropical feeling for the viewer. The title is what many individuals would consider to be vintage, being slightly angled on the poster. The South Pacific name feels retro and iconic and is incredibly playful.

The Lion King

The creators have a made a perfect leap from animation to stage by using this earthly textured wood theme throughout the poster. The carved print block gives the suggestion of a sharp and wise looking animal, which is course, the King of the Lions. It's a unique and timeless way of presenting the musical.


Finally, the incredibly popular Broadway show Wicked has a poster that can be interpreted perfectly, regardless of the age or language of the audience. The wicked witch with the red smirking lips set upon the background of an evil slime green can be seen very clearly. As a complete contrast, there is the vulnerable silhouette of the white witch leaning in to share a secret. This poster portrays a story within its artwork, which is a really effective way of combining iconography with intrigue.

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