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Vinyl signs: The facts

Vinyl signs have been used in many different places such as ad banners and restaurant menus. A lot of business signs are now made of vinyl as this is a cheaper option, and can be used for a multitude of different businesses.


Vinyl banners can be used for van signage and plagues and signs in a variety of businesses. Many restaurants use the vinyl posters for their menus. These cheap banners can be printed quickly for new businesses and they appear to be high quality when displayed correctly. A lot of the larger movie posters are also printed on vinyl, as well as the PVC banners that are seen at bus stops or in shopping centres. Vinyl rolls up as well, so if the signs need to be transported then they can be rolled up and transported with relative ease, without causing any damage to the printed content.

Self-adhesive signs

Vinyl signs are usually self-adhesive - they are either glued on one side for permanent attachment. For temporary signs, or company signs that need to appear on vehicles, they can be produced as magnetic signs. Vehicle signs or acrylic signage need to be self-adhesive because they cannot be screwed into place, and it is cheaper to get a banner printed rather than hire a window signs painter, who would also have to called back to paint it every few years.


Due to the nature of their production, vinyl signs are incredibly durable. They are designed to last for a long time, which would benefit smaller businesses trying to save money. They are also suitable for businesses that travel either to promote their business at fayres or shows. They also benefit businesses that are required to travel to their clients. Vinyl signs, by their nature, are high quality products that are also very easy to keep clean, whether they are behind glass or exposed to the elements every day. Most of them simply need a wet cloth to wipe them off, and are suitable for any situation or weather condition that they may be exposed to.


There are many different companies that produce these signs. Companies such as Vistaprint or BuildASign offer a wide range of products as well as signs. These companies usually offer a range of prices to suit every business, and they often have special offers for new and exisiting customers. The companies allow users to sign up for an account and upload their own artwork to be used on signs and products, so that they can personalise it according to their exact business needs.

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