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Top five prank phone calls of Bart Simpson

Bart Simpson is the loveable star of the hit US cartoon comedy, The Simpsons, famed for his high jinx activities and prank phone calls. Read on if you’d like to find out more about Bart Simpson and his most memorable prank calls.

About The Simpsons

The Simpsons is an animated US comedy and a spoof of American lifestyles, culture and society. The show focuses on the charismatic Simpson family, made up of parents Homer and Marge and their three children, Bart, Lisa and Maggie. Amongst many humorous aspects of the show are the hoax calls made by Bart to the ever unsuspecting Moe Szyslak, landlord of the town's local bar, Moe's Tavern. Bart's relentless prank calling and practical jokes have become synonymous with the show.

The prank calls

Some Enchanted Evening - Season 1 The first and beginning of the legendary prank names involving a play on words. Bart, whilst at home with Lisa and Maggie, calls Moe's Tavern to ask for Al Coholic. Upon asking the bar, Moe is greeted with laughter to which he replies to Bart, "Wait a minute. Listen, you little yellow-bellied rat jackass, if I ever find out who you are, I'll kill you!" Homer's Odyssey - Season 1
Bart, with Lisa, calls the tavern and asks, "Is Mr Freely there? Freely, first initials I.P." After screaming to the patrons if an IP Freely is in the bar, Moe returns to the phone and replies "Listen to me you lousy bum. When I get a hold of you, you're dead. I swear I'm gonna slice your heart in half!" Principal Charming - Season 2 This time Bart makes his phone prank from Principal Skinner's office and asks, "Hello, is Homer there? Homer Sexual." Typically angry, Moe screams down the phone, "You rotten little punk! If I ever get a hold of you, I'll sink my teeth into your cheek and rip your face off!", only to realise that Bart has gone and he is now speaking to Principal Skinner. Flaming Moe's - Season 3 The time when Bart is almost caught out. After asking for a friend, "Last name Jass, first name Hugh", Moe yells "Can somebody check the men's room for a Hugh Jass?" This time, however, Hugh Jass is present and comes to the phone, requiring Bart to be quick witted in order to escape. Love is a Many Strangled Thing - Season 22 Moe reads a text message sent by Bart, "Text message for I.M.A. Weiner. As you can all see, I.M.A. Weiner", to which Barney swiftly replies, "I see it Moe!"

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