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Top five website creation softwares

Many times, people wonder how to create a website that looks nice, while saving costs. Most people arrive at one concurrence: Use a website creator. The main question is, what are the top website creators that can save you money while creating a brilliant website? This article will answer that question in detail, and will show you where you can acquire the best web creation programs for the smallest cost possible!

Software one: Adobe Dreamweaver

The first website creation software that we will discuss is Adobe Dreamweaver CS5. This is the grand daddy of website creators. It has three basic modes: Coder, designer, and designer or coder. They allow an array of different languages to code on it, and you can also design a website for free without any web design knowledge. The price tag is a tad hefty, but it is constantly being lowered. Its current price can be found at

Software two: Wix

While not an installable software, is a free flash website creator. It does put ads on your site, but it is a great alternative to Dreamweaver, additionally containing a much more simple interface than Dreamweaver. It provides free hosting along with the website, be advised that it does contain ads though. The price is higher if you want to upgrade and to include more features in the site builder, but the basic one which is free is fine for most people.

Software three: Doodlekit

While again not being installed locally, Doodlekit is like Wix, with the no coding idea, but is free to use without ads. It also has a simple interface, and does not have much of a learning curve. There are upgradable features, but for most users, the free one works out fine.

Software four: Ewisoft

Ewisoft is an installable program like Dreamweaver, and has many similar features. While it does not have all of the coding support, it has enough features to successfully make a decent looking site for your business, which is the site's main aim. Its GUI makes learning a snap. The current price is around 39.99 USD, which is a steal compared to Dreamweaver.

Software five: Microsoft FrontPage

The final software which we will be discussing is Microsoft FrontPage. This is a feature that comes pre-installed on some Windows computers, and comes with some office suites. It is designed for aesthetic simple site designs, and does not have much horsepower. This is perhaps the simplest and easiest software to use for beginners for web design.

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