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Weight loss spa locations in the UK

Weight loss is an important component in everyone's lives these days. Whether your weight loss goal is five or ten pounds or you need to lose weight for health related concerns, weight loss spas are on the rise across the world. Here are the best weight loss spas in the UK.

Retreats in the Uk: Grayshott Spa, Surrey

This spa's motto is , " Peace on arrival, health on departure". Spa treatments are individually tailored to meet specific needs and weight loss goals. Description Grayshott's team includes dietitians, health consultants and 'alternative' therapists who provide the individual with advice on meal planning, healthy diet programs and general fitness.
Grayshott's " Vital Energy Detox massage" There is a tranquil pool and spa and the must-try item is Grayshott's " Vital Energy Detox massage". This spa treatment utilises a Himalayan scrub that detoxifies the skin, eliminating toxins while toning the body. The prices as at 18.05.2011 start from £99 for the day spa and £410 per person sharing , for a two night retreat. Log on to for more information.

Fitness spa in the Uk: Ragdale Hall Spa, Leicestershire

Description This fitness retreat offers treatments like acupuncture, food sensitivity testing and even hypnotherapy to help people to lose weight. Therapies and treatments range from traditional treatments that utilise treatments like Clarins and Elemis to unconventional Balinese holistic massages and crystal therapies to shed those extra pounds fast.
Other services and rates There is also a thermal spa for relaxation and detox. Prices at Ragdale as at 17.05.2011 start from £69 for a spa day to £110 per person sharing for a two night spa retreat. For more information, visit

Uk spa breaks: Monart Spa, Ireland

Description This chic, luxurious spa creates a soothing almost pampering atmosphere for their guests. They offer aerobics classes, detox therapies and a calorie-controlled menu of local fare. Services
The massages feature organic hand-harvested seaweed specially gathered from the Irish coastline that naturally soothes and detoxifies the skin. The price is the best thus far at £110.47 per room, two sharing for a one night spa break,as at 18.05.2011. Visit for more details.

Fat farms in the Uk

Description NuBeginnings is a cross between a fat farm and a fitness spa. Their much acclaimed fitness regimen include a nutrition program, exercise and hypnotherapy. The average weight loss goal is 10 pounds but the average successful weight loss is actually 16 pounds at Nu Beginnings!
Location and rates NuBeginnings can be found at Westwell Hall, Torrs Park, IIfracombe Devon and can be reached at +44(0)1271 862792. NuBeginnings is a bit expensive but they do get results. A deluxe room single occupancy, as at 01.05.2011 goes for £2295 for a one week stay while a twin room goes for £2095 for a week.

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