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What are the leading make-up stores?

Which are the best cosmetic stores in terms of high-quality products and innovation in the world of make-up? MAC Cosmetics, Sephora and The Body Shop are three remarkable make-up stores. Find out about the strengths of each one.

MAC cosmetics

Whether you are looking for a store to walk in to browse through brilliant colours of lipstick and eyeshadow, or excellent cosmetics online, MAC is a fine choice for both the professional and the individual who appreciates the fine art of make-up. Regularly featured in fashion magazines such as Vogue and Elle, MAC make-up has a powerful reputation in the world of fashion and beauty. This cosmetics store also has a heart. The MAC Aids Fund was created in 1994, to lend support in the fight against HIV AIDS. What about the actual products From MAC powder to MAC concealer, expect superior products. The store is
well-known for bold and captivating colours, and textures, such as their new line of Semi-Precious Colour, which incorporates the sheen from minerals, mined from Brazil. From the bronzer, Lustre Drops, which is easy to apply and creates a smooth appearance, to high-performance mascaras such as Zoom Fast Black Lash, MAC beauty products are sure to enhance, but also inspire.


Another well-loved make-up store is Sephora. They carry their own brand of cosmetics as well as several other brands, such as Urban Decay and Dior. Sephora may not provide the boldness and variety of colour that MAC make-up provides, but they do deliver the quality with a flair for sophistication. Not only does this
make-up store provide high-quality cosmetic products, but they also offer other beauty supplies, such as skincare, and bath and body products.

The Body Shop

The Body Shop is another one-stop shop for cosmetic and beauty products. Known for using natural ingredients and promoting fair trade practices, this is the store to shop at for the ethically-inclined. They are one of the best make-up stores because they offer high-quality and innovative cosmetics, with a focus on
eco-friendly products. They also provide skincare, and bath and body products, although everything is from The Body Shop. All three of these make-up stores are popular, successful and have something special to offer. MAC beauty products are designed for the true artist, either the professional or the creative spirit. Sephora caters to those who want hip elegance and The Body Shop is perfect for those who crave for a more natural approach to cosmetics.

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