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What are the leading women's plus size stores?

Achieving style without compromising on comfort acts as the ultimate desire for any woman, especially curvy women. Although, this may seem as a challenging, the emergence of women’s plus size stores ensures that you get the whole package without sacrificing any element on what you desire. This article will thus highlight those plus size stores.

Stores dealing with plus size clothes

Women now have the option to peruse through the Internet and access a variety of plus size clothes made by the best brains in the fashion industry. The Internet gives you the opportunity to sample various stores and choose the best one that suits your preferences. Most of the stores you will come across will offer you a variety of options to choose from, such as some may be cheap, some may have better selection, while some may be offering sales. Nonetheless, this will provide you with an avenue to choose the one that ably suits your preference.

Evans store

The Evans online store prides itself in making the needs of the customers their top priority and claim to know about the needs of women. With over 300 stores in the UK, Evans shop is one of the leading plus size women’s clothing shop. The fact that the store is controlled by women means that they know the needs of the customers. So, from this store, you will be sure to find an assortment of choices at reasonable prices. Visit them at the comfort of your home and get a wide array of appealing quality clothes.

Simply Be

Simply Be offers you a variety of choices, in addition to making it easy for you to get plus size clothes that are otherwise hard to come by in local stores. The store offers you elegance, sophistication and even, simplicity in the clothes that they deal with. Their wide range of clothes includes large dresses, ladies trousers and if you are into cost-saving, this is the store to visit to enjoy their discount offers.


Formerly known as McKay's clothing, the rich experience of over 50 years dealing with clothes, puts this store at an advantageous position. Style and quality is the selling brand of this store, which offers versatility to plus size clothes for women.
In addition to the multiplicity of choices in their stores, they aim at satisfying the insatiable fashion thirst of customers by offering them the choice of returning clothes if they do not satisfy them. This increases their confidence when they are shopping for plus size clothing.

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