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Where to buy cheap stretch skinny jeans

Skinny is in, and that doesn't mean waist size. Skinny jeans are all the rage for year round style - perfect with pumps for spring, sandals in summer and tall leather boots in autumn and winter. What isn't so hot about skinny jeans? The price. Here are some stores offering skinny jeans for a skinny price.

Garage clothing

Garage Canada stores offer affordable stretch skinny jeans, or "jeggings", usually on a buy one get one 50% off rate. Garage offers stretch jeans as low as $15 for a pair, and around $39, with a BOGO sale attached to it. (Prices are based on a Fall 2011 rate). Garage Canada also has constant sales on out-of -season jeans and tops, including skinny jeans, available on their website.


Primark stores offers super skinny fit jeans for €9 (as of 2011) and up on certain styles, and offer all different selections on the best skinny jeans. Primark stores can be found online, in Ireland, the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgie, Deutschland, Espana and Portugal.

Forever 21

Forever 21 stores offer a variety of stretch skinny jeans that range from $12.50 (£8.75) a piece up to $35 CAD (based on 2011 pricing). Forever 21's official website also has a sale section that usually contains jeans. Forever 21 stores can be found in malls (and ship from their online to buyers) in the USA, Canada, Europe, the United Kingdom, Korea and Japan.

Search Next Tag

While the styles may be more limited than a Primark or Garage Clothing, Next Tag is an online store that offers women’s super skinny stretch jeans for under $40 CAD (as low as $4.00 plus shipping) as of 2011. Next Tag takes a series of sellers online (such as sellers from Ebay) and narrows down your choices to show you the most affordable deal. The convenient search options let you to choose which material, price range, and brand of jeans you want to search for.

Check out second-hand sales

If you can't find cheap jeans online, try perusing your local second hand store for bargains under $10 for cheap women’s jeans, and keep your eyes open for sales in your area. These prices are based on autumn 2011 prices. As the colder seasons draw to an end, jeans outlet stores will put all of last season’s styles on sale to make room for new shipments.

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