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What are the top five vacuum sealers?

Vacuum food sealers are great for storing and preserving food. Whether you need to store fruits, vegetables or raw meats, vacuum sealing machines use vacuum style packaging to keep perishable food fresh in sealer bags; the food can then be frozen. For a list of the top five vacuum sealers, read on for more information in this article.

Andrew James Vacuum Sealers

Product introduction Andrew James vacuum sealer machines are leading products in the vacuum pack industry. Andrew James sells a wide variety of food vacuum pouches and packers worldwide. For the most part, customer satisfaction with this product is very high. One of the Andrew James company's top selling vacuum food bag sealers is the Andrew James Pro-Quality Vacuum Food Sealer; this sealer is not only durable and long-lasting, it has proven itself to completely prevent freezer burns, because of its multi-seal level design; as of 13.07.11, the price of this vacuum sealer on the company's website is 69 Euros. For more product information, go to the website:

Minipack MVS 35 X Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Product information
While some of the Andrew James vacuum sealers are best for use around the house, the Minipack MVS 35 X Chamber sealer is one of the best for industrial food sealing. Its presentation is unmatched in the vacuum sealing industry; famous chefs and food industry gurus use this product everyday in large-scale food packaging factories. The control panel on the product has 10 custom vacuum sealing options. This sealer is small compared to other industrial sealers but it packages food quickly and efficiently. As of 13.07.11, this vacuum sealer is valued at over $2,000 USD.

Minipack MVS 45 X Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Product information This is another top industrial Miniback brand sealing machine that belongs in the top five list of vacuum sealers. The sealing area of this product is much larger than the 35 X Chamber Vacuum Sealer. Using this machine is as easy as using a printer, too. As of 13.07.11, this sealer is valued at over $3,000 USD.

Seal-A-Meal VS107 Vacuum Sealer and Debbie Meyer Reynolds Handi-Vac

Seal-A-Meal VS107 Vacuum Sealer This a personal, home-style vacuum sealer. It is a counter-top sealer that is easy to use and just as effective as more complex automatic sealers. This sealer is light, has good seal strength and is affordable. As of 13.07.11, this sealer is valued at roughly $55 USD. Debbie Meyer Reynolds Handi-Vac The Debbie Meyer Reynolds' vacuum sealer specialises in preventing spillage and leaks by being an exceptionally air-tight sealer. It also the best budget option for vacuum sealers; as of 13.07.11, it is valued at an estimated $15 USD. Check this website for more info: (vacuum food sealers).

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