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What can foam padding be used for?

Foam padding can come in all shapes, sizes, colours and varieties. These can be things, such as foam mattress toppers, high density foam, polystyrene foam sheets and tubular foam, to name just a few of them. This article will be looking at the many varied and wonderful uses of foam padding.


Whether you know what you're doing or you're just an amateur who is prepared to take on a bit of a challenge, foam upholstery can be a far cheaper way of renovating your tired and weary furniture. Furniture foam can be bought from specialist shops and online too.


Many people enjoy being creative around the house, so why not make your own cushions? Foam for cushions is readily available to buy, both from specialised shops in the high street, for instance to buying it directly from foam suppliers online. Many of these offer a cut-to-size foam service too.


As many campers will attest to, sleeping directly on a tent floor is a less than a comfortable experience! Instead of buying 'official' camping foam mattresses, why not just buy some far cheaper foam sheets and cut these to size instead?
Not only will it do exactly the same job, but it could save you considerable amounts of money too.

Memory foam

Memory foam has much to offer in terms of comfort. Be it from memory foam cushions to a firm mattress topper that will gradually mould to fit your body as it warms it up, some people can't live without such comforts once they have tried them.

Pipe insulation

Foam pipe insulation really is a must-have for anyone with exposed, outside pipes. Not only are these fairly inexpensive, they're extremely simple to fit too. The foam tube have a slit down its entire length allowing you to cut it to size, slip it over the pipe that requires insulation and then, fastening on with either string or heavy duty tape. This inexpensive solution is well worth it, especially when you consider the cost, it would be to get a plumber out to fix a burst pipe in the winter!

Wrist rests

Strips of firm, but forgiving foam can often be acquired for free as off cuts from foam suppliers. These can make very comfortable keyboard wrist rests and are far cheaper than the 'real' thing!

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