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What is a Goodman heat pump?

Heat pumps can be an extremely efficient way of extracting heat from the outside air, even in freezing conditions. In summer they can even be run in reverse to operate as an air conditioning unit. In this article we'll explain the operating principles of goodman heat pumps work and how they can be used in your home.

What is a heat pump?

Before we take a look Goodman heat pumps, it is useful to answer the question "what is a heat pump?" Heat pumps are a closed thermodynamic system which contains three separate parts. The first stage is the evaporator. This section extracts heat from outside, even in cold weather. The liquid contained in the evaporator, known as the refrigerant, vaporises at extremely low temperatures. The vaporised liquid is then compressed in the second stage, the compressor. This increases the pressure and temperature of the vapour. From the compressor, the liquid enters the final stage, the liquefier. Here the energy is extracted from the vapour and radiated into the home. The condensed vapour now returns back to the first evaporator stage through an expansion valve and the cycle starts again.

Goodman heat pumps

Goodman is the second largest manufacturer of home heating systems in North America. It is particularly famous for its line of heat pumps. Goodman heat pump systems consist of three parts and are usually installed by a professional fitter. The three sections comprise of the actual heat pump itself, an air handler and a thermostat. The heat pump works as described in the process above. It extracts heat from the outside air and transfers this warm air to the air handler. This device acts like a manifold, piping the warm air to the different areas of your house through air ducts. The thermostat controls not only the heat pump but also where the air handler pumps the warm air in your house. As heat pumps use thermodynamic extraction of heat using a compression cycle of a refrigerant, the can also be run in reverse to work as an air conditioner. Many pumps in the Goodman line are capable air conditioners too. They are not as efficient as dedicated air conditioning units but are effective non the less. These heat pumps are extremely popular in New Zealand and some areas of America which experience high summer temperatures and low winter temperatures. The pumps run on electricity and more advanced models also incorporate additional heat exchangers which can be placed in the roof cavity to recover escaping heat. Using a heat pump is much more environmentally sound that using traditional gas or oil powered heating systems. The planet and your wallet will thank you!

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