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What is the one day diet?

The one day diet was created by America's sweetheart doctor, Dr. Mehmet Oz. It is not actually a one day diet, but a commitment which is renewed every single day. You simply do not plan on tomorrow and instead concentrate on today only. If you fail on your diet today, you simply start again fresh tomorrow. Is this a marketing gimmick? Very possibly yes.

One day at a a time

Do you remember the sitcom, "One day at a time?" It was about a divorced mother and her two teenage daughters. She was changing her life one day at a time. This diet is similar to that. Dr. Oz is asking you to not aim for a week or even two weeks, he is asking you to diet today. According to Dr. Oz, you should say this everyday, "I am going to follow my plan for the next 24 hours." Then remind yourself why you are dieting, such as health or desire to get into a smaller pant size. The diet is fairly simple to follow: 1. Eat a Mediterranean Diet with lots of plant foods.
2. Do something different every single day.
3. Get your kitchen on automatic and eliminate all bad foods.
4. Exercise daily. Try walking 20 minutes after each meal.
5. Drink 17 ounces of water with each meal.
6. Watch your portions.

Low calorie diets

This is a low calorie diet and something slightly different to motivate and inspire you. Many do not go on a diet because of stress and binge eating. A low calorie diet void of sugar will help you to be thin again. Studies have shown that by lowering calories in your diet, you will increase longevity.

Every other day diet

What is the every other day diet and does it compare with the one day diet? This diet concept was created by Jon Benson and Janis Hauser and commonly called EODD. The diet allows you to eat what you want every other day. One day you diet and the next you can eat what you want, but not like a pig. You must exercise every single day, limit your portions and then occasionally even have a dessert. The diet is based on calorie cycling. It is a way of tricking the body in to thinking that you are not being deprived of calories, but in essence you are. Would this type of diet be better than Dr. Oz's one day diet or are they both just ways of selling more books? The basis of any diet should be to eat healthy daily and to change your lifestyles for life, not for one day and definitely not every other day either. Source:

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The essentials for a diet menu

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What is the American Heart Association's recommended diet?

What is the American Heart Association's recommended diet?

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