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What to consider when adding graphics in web design

Whether you are a freelance web designer or working for a design agency, you can benefit from this quick guide. Find out how marketing and design are related to each other and how the combination can make a website tick in three ways in this article.

Complement the copy

The age of information The web has always been ruled by information and will always be. Information comes first and design is meant to complement it. In other words, information is the functional part whereas design is the aesthetic one. Together, the user experiences the web in a wholesome way. What is good copy? The copy is meant to answer the user's questions by giving him what he wants. This is why SEO (by using keywords) is important. It allows for automation and intuitiveness at the same time. The key is to match the user to the content that he is looking for. The better the match, the more efficient the web becomes. What is good web design? Web design comes second in the process. It should complement the copy so that the user experiences enhancement in the following: 1. Readability of layout (as per user's natural eye tracking) 2. Understanding of the information presented

Target your site audience

Graphics art for the web should be used sensibly. Similar to the fact that the copy is first targeted towards its users, web design ideas should be targeted towards its specific audience. Unless it is a hobby site, this is the only way to ensure the success of a website. Without qualified traffic, the site makes little to no money. In other words, one should ensure that the design or animation are what its site audience expects it to be. You want them to come back again, not put them off.

Don't do it for the sake of design

No writer should write for the sake of writing, on the web. Simply give the user what he is looking for, as quickly and as accurately as possible. The same goes for site graphic designers. Designing for the sake of designing gives a false sense of fulfilment and leads to futility. Design with a purpose in mind and if the writer thinks alike, the website is heading in the right direction.

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