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What to consider when buying handcarts

Handcarts are needed both in domestic and commercial situations to help with carrying loads with comfort and ease. Also called hand trucks or dolly carts, handcarts may be designed to serve a range of uses or for a specific purpose. Read more for tips to consider when buying handcarts to ensure you find one which suits your requirements.

Design aspects

Variations in handcart styling are intended to serve different types of loads. These variations are expressed in terms of the following design aspects. Load-bearing capacity
This specifies the maximum load that the cart can carry and should be checked to ensure it meets your requirements with a safe margin. Handle style
This depends on how you intend to move the load. For instance a two-piece handle with grips at ends requires both hands to be used while pushing but gives better control. Loop handles allow
single-handed pushing. Wheel configuration
Two, three or four wheel options are available. Four wheel options provide better stability for larger loads but need more room to manoeuvre. Wheels may be pneumatic, mould-on or foam filled.

Hand cart styles based on application

Various styles are available based on intended use. Folding carts
They are good for lighter loads associated with domestic use and travel. They are more expensive due to the folding option and are advantageous if storage space is tight. Appliance carts
These use pneumatic wheels on a solid steel frame to carry loads up to 800 pounds on only two wheels. They are good for moving dishwashers, washing machines and refrigerators. Platform carts They are used commercially in warehouses and can carry heavy loads. They may have removable sides which can be fixed to contain smaller objects. Convertible carts They can switch between wheel configurations and are more expensive for the advantages they offer. Special carts such as drum carts are designed for specific loads. They are round in shape to cradle a drum. Furniture carts are carpeted to prevent scratches on furniture. Carts with stair climber rails are useful to negotiate level differences like steps and kerbs.

Materials and accessories

Though traditionally wood has been used for hand carts, commercial handcarts are available in steel or aluminium. Steel is durable and suits both domestic and commercial situations. Aluminium is lighter and requires less effort for operation. Depending on nature of intended use, check for accessories like belts and straps which can help secure the furniture in place. When buying a handcart, pick one which addresses the required load bearing capacity, nature of items and moving pattern.

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