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What to expect at a Navy Boot Camp

When a person decides that they would like to join the navy, they may not really know what to expect from boot camp. Many people have seen movies or heard of horror stories about the training involved at a navy boot camp, but to really understand what goes on there, a person must experience it for themselves.

Maintaining your health may become hard

Navy bootcamp training requires hard work and dedication.
While many people are able to make it through and survive the rigorous demands required by boot camp, it may start to take a toll on the body.
Expect sickness
Basic training puts a person body through a lot of stress, because of all of the physical activities.
With the fast paced environment of a navy boot camp, a person's body is not getting enough rest.
With everything that the body goes through during basic training, a person's immune system sometimes breaks down, causing the to get sick.
Also, it is common for many recruits to obtain a sore throat, due to all of the yelling that new recruits have to do.
In fact, it is inevitable not to get a sore throat. Home sickness
Getting sick at a navy boot camp does not only mean becoming physically ill - many people also get home sick.
It is normal for young adults who have been away from home before to miss their loved ones.

Stress is part of life

Being in a navy boot camp is stressful to a person's life, but being able to handle and overcome the stress makes a person a winner.
Making mistakes
In a navy boot camp, no one is perfect all of the time.
Making mistakes and failing at a task do happen.
A person must always try his hardest during boot camp, but they must also understand that if a fellow recruit fails at a task, then everyone fails.
Basic training helps people overcome their weaknesses and make them better. Long working hours
A new recruit will have something to do every second of everyday, which sometimes causes a person to become stressed since they do not have any time for themselves. Final word
Waking up at six in the morning everyday and going back to bed very late at night is more than what some people can handle.

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