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Where to take SAP courses in the UK

The initials of SAP stand for Systems, Applications and Products in data processing and it provides application software to enable organisations to run more effectively. The functionality of SAP can help small, medium and large business enterprises co-ordinate their businesses more effectively, and simplify data processes. This article will show you where to take these courses in the UK.

SAP education

With an experienced project team, SAP education delivers customised training for individuals depending upon their training preferences. There is availability to choose the course type, where the course is to be completed, including a choice of venue. Moreover, there is also an option to specify the format of the course delivery and how you learn.

Levels of certification

There are currently three levels of SAP certifications which can be awarded after successful attendance and completion of SAP courses. Associate level Associate level training covers the basic foundations for the software and provides the learner with appropriate knowledge of the software and how it can help a business organisation. This level of certification is most suitable for consultants or project team members. Professional level Professional level training is slightly more advanced in terms of course content and depth of knowledge. It requires the learner to have obtained a certain level of skill and professional knowledge gained whilst working in a project environment. Studying at this level will provide a broader understanding of the concepts of the SAP software. Masters level Masters level training is predominantly for SAP experts who fully understand the SAP application software in detail, but who wish to gain further and more
in-depth knowledge in relation to a particular facet of the software.

Information on courses

The SAP UK website provides comprehensive coverage of selecting the appropriate certification level and training classes for your knowledge and expertise. The section of the website entitled 'Global Certification Finder' allows you to search for full details of all the available exams which will enable you to obtain certification at the appropriate level. The database can be searched by code, level and also has a facility to book courses online if you wish. Most requested certification tracks The second section entitled 'Most requested certification tracks' identifies the most requested certification exams at Associate level and details the corresponding courses. E-academies The final section 'e-Academies' allows you to search for a flexible training package whereby you have the option to study from a location and at a time which is most suitable to you. At the same time, you can also have access to all of the study materials and learner support.

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