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What to look for when buying cheap LCD TVs

The cost of flat screen LCD TVs is falling all the time. The cheapest HD TVs match the quality of high end TVs from a few years ago, so there are some great bargains to be had. With such a large range of budget LCD TVs available, how do you tell which are the best deals and which are just poor quality? Read on to find out more!

LCD TV features

Image quality The most important factor when look for TV offers is the picture quality. If possible, try and audition the TV in a dark room. TVs displayed in large electrical stores like Curry Electricals have their brightness and contrast turned up much too high to compensate for the harsh store lighting.
Good black and white film quality The better the LCD TV, the more able it will be able to display a range of darker colours. If your store allows you to try out TVs before buying them, browse the TV channels for a black and white film or a dark film like star wars. Poor quality TVs will display washed out blacks which look grey.
Displays :Digital versus monitor only A digital TV tuner is a useful feature but as most people already have an external free view box, then you may be able to save some money by buying a monitor only display. Audio quality
Sound quality is another factor which may be lacking in LCD TVs. Try turning up the TV to a high volume. The cheapest sets will distort the sound and you will be able to hear the casing rattling. Avoid these units at all costs!


An LCD display can be used for much more than just television. If you have a desktop, laptop or games console, you will be able to use your new television as the centre of a media centre. Look for sets with at least two HDMI inputs in addition to VGA and component video inputs.
Try to choose a unit which has separate audio out channels. This gives you the option of running the TV through a stereo to improve the sound quality. TV set resolution The final thing to consider is the resolution of the set. Cheap 1080p TVs are now a reality, so try to get this resolution. As the quality of Blu-ray and games consoles continue to improve, buying the highest resolution TV you can afford will protect you against future hardware developments.

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