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Where can I buy office furniture in the UK

There are many retailers, both online and offline, providing all sorts of office furniture in the UK to both small businesses and corporations. Whether you are looking for an office desk for your home office or 20 matching meeting chairs for a corporation, buying office furniture in the UK is a matter of being able to choose the more attractive option among all the possibilities.


There are many retailers dedicated to office furniture and they can deliver it to your office and often install it for you as well. The following are just a few examples: Staples
Staples offer both office stationery, such as office ink and paper supplies and office furniture at comparatively low prices. It's worth checking their bargains section, specially if you are just after something to get your home business started without a big investment. Viking Direct Office
Viking offers both businesses consumer office stationery and furniture at competitive prices. They are global, but the UK division is locally based and offer really good customer service. Office Direct
If you are not convinced by either of the above alternatives, Office Direct is another major executive furniture provided that their offers are really competitive prices and bargains, but can otherwise be a bit pricey. VERY
While this retailer is often associated with fashion and household items, it can be a great place to look for stylish office furniture and decorative items. While not specially cheap, their returns policy and quick delivery make them a really nice option if you are unsure about buying without seeing the item in person first.

Offline retailers

There are many brick and mortar shops focusing on office furniture, with a wide range of styles. Generally speaking, small retailers are often more expensive, but makes easier to achieve a unique look for your office. IKEA
The Swedish furniture giant has a dedicated office line, certified to be ergonomic and of good quality, but the best designs and most comfortable items are quite expensive. They are great for neutral decors and matching items, such as boardroom tables with matching boardroom chairs. However, they are not so great for more personalised and unique items. John Lewis
John Lewis is a really big high street retailer and has a good variety of high quality office equipment, at quite high prices. However, they also have interesting financing offers which may make them more affordable.

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