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Where can I find animal print dress?

Bold, confident and stylish; animal print fabrics have almost become a wardrobe staple for every cosmopolitan woman. Check out some of the places mentioned below to get an idea about where to find animal print dresses.

Zebra print dress

Overview Print dresses play an important role in jazzing up one’s looks, provided one knows how exactly to carry it off. However, to get the right look, one has to search at the right place. When it comes to evening party dresses, this pattern is often favoured, basically due to the cool combination of colours available. Such printed party dresses look stunning in either strapless or single-strapped sequinned patterns along with glossy and attractive make-up. For an extra-dazzling look, one can also opt for zebra print clothing in metallic shades teamed with ice or light blue eyes. However, the hair colour should be minimal – either a dark black or a dark brown shade. Where to find Some of the signature labels offering multi-coloured zebra dresses are Emilio Pucci, Milly, Temperley London and Matthew Williamson.

Giraffe print dress

Giraffe prints
When selecting giraffe print dress, one should be extremely cautious in avoiding any kind of heavy accessories like buckle belts, necklaces and even bracelets. Clumping such outfits with too many accessories will make it look mismatched and unfashionable. Where to find Italian designer, Giambattista offers some of the most unique giraffe print patterns and designs. Apart from him, brands like Banana Republic and Karen Millen also offers some exotic trends in this pattern.

Leopard print dress

Leopard prints This particular pattern of animal print works well with almost every occasion and every season.
Whether it’s a plain printed scarf or a printed overall; leopard print clothing can add a splash of colour to a minimal wardrobe. A stunning example of this form of animal dress was seen during the annual Jools Holland Hootenanny show, when singer Kylie Minogue performed in a skin-tight leopard dress with matching shoes. During the show, musician Jools Holland was also seen performing to the tunes of Kylie Minogue new hit, “Better Than Today.” Where to find
Some of the places that offer the trendiest leopard dress patterns are Victoria’s Secret, Zara and Roberto Cavalli. However, many people have their own qualms about owing and experimenting with animal fabrics. Sure, it is alarming to have pairs of tiger-print dress in one’s wardrobe, but a moderate combination of these prints is a definite fashion victory.

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