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Where can I get free legal services?

Finding out where to get free legal services in the UK cities isn't so hard, given the large number of law experts and consumer groups willing to provide free advice. There are legal groups willing to bear all the legal costs for those who qualify as a person in need. Moreover, there are online services and law websites that can provide legal advice, help to write wills online and so on.

Help groups

The best way to qualify for legal aid would be to contact one of the agencies that help people with free legal advice and to find solicitors who will not bill for legal costs. List of solicitors and citizens There are lists of these solicitors and citizens that help groups online. For example, visit Advicenow at or the Free Representation Unit (FRU) at Then, there are also the Law Centre branches, which can be found at There are also services, like the Bar Pro Bono Unit ( which acts as a clearing house that connects applicants to barristers who are willing to undertake Pro Bono work.

No Win No Fee

The easiest and fastest way to line up a UK legal expert without paying upfront is to directly contact one of the solicitors who get paid only if their clients win. These 'No Win No Fee' providers like can be easily found with a quick search. Note Note that there are other similar options. For instance, many law firms will happily provide a free initial consultation and legal advice. They will only charge if the client then wants to go ahead. There's a big list of these law firms listed on


There are many law websites and online forums where people can ask questions about legal business and get free legal advice. These sites, like, provide all kinds of documents and guides for specific legal issues. Section They have distinct sections for everything, from personal injury law to property law and probate issues. They have a section for free advice, where people can fill in a form, detailing their legal matter, and where they get a response from a specialist solicitor.

Advice services

There are advice providers who will give free advice to the consumers. That can be debt help, advice regarding how to prepare free wills online, or where to get free immigration help and so on.

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What is the tort of negligence?

What is the tort of negligence?

A tort is a part of the law that covers civil acts such as defamation, trespassing and negligent acts. The act must be wrongful and must lead to the infringement of somebody's rights - it is punishable in some instances with damages. Tort law encompasses within its legal parameters the act of negligence, which is broadly defined as failing to take reasonable care for one's own actions, and in so doing, infringing or impairing the rights of another.
All about employment law solicitors

All about employment law solicitors

Employment law and redundancy law are ever increasing areas of the law, where people are getting access to law advice about discrimination and unfair dismissals, amongst other upsetting eventualities. This article looks at what employment law solicitors do and how they can help you with your legal problem.
The REAL ID Act: The facts

The REAL ID Act: The facts

National Identification Acts passed in the U.S. and UK subsequent to 9/11 have been extensively altered due to concerns related to personal privacy. Thus, the current version of the REAL ID Act in the U.S. and changes to requirements for National Identity Cards for citizens in the UK have undergone significant changes since proposed. Read this article to know more.