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Where can I perform English to Latin translation online?

No longer a primary spoken language, Latin finds it roots in 5th century BCE Rome. As the Romans conquered their neighbours, Latin became commonly used among the people of the Roman Empire. Nowadays, Latin is mainly used in Catholic religious services. Those interested in learning where to perform English to Latin Translations Online will benefit from the information found in this article.

Latin Phrase Translation

Latin Phrase Translation is a free translation site that allows users to interpret English to Latin phrases. This tool allows users to input words into a translation box. After the phrase has been inputted, users hover over each phrase to get the definition in Latin. In addition to phrase services, this site offers online English to Latin and Latin to English dictionaries to help to enhance the translation experience.

Translation Guide

Translation Guide is a tool which gives users access to free online translation services. This site allows users to input a URL so that websites can be translated from English to Latin. In addition to this, a person can type in an English text for Latin translation. Translation Guide offers online English to Latin dictionaries and translation software for computers, mobile phones and other electronic devices. is an online dictionary that works on translating words for users. This service allows a person to input single words that need to be interpreted and can be used for English to Latin or Latin to English translations. Up to 50 different definitions can be chosen for the translated word which allows a person to find the meaning that is closest to what he needs.

Google Online Translator

Google Online Translator is a free translation tool that allows users to type and/or paste in text for English to Latin translation. This service is easy to use and ideal for those who want genereal interpretation of a text. Those who use this tool also have access to website translation when they input a website address. Google Translate will not properly translate English idioms, colloquialisms and slang into Latin.
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