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Where can I purchase cheap perfume testers?

Most people cannot afford to buy multiple perfume products as they sometimes sell for very high prices. One way that perfume lovers can try different scents is to buy perfume testers. Many manufacturers produce too many tester bottles and are happy to sell them off to people who want to try a new scent.

Where to buy perfume samples

Buy testers online
Many online stores sell full sized testers.
An example of one of these stores is Amazon.Com.
These stores generally sell well know fragrance brands.
One way to get new perfumes from small manufacturers is to go to the website of the perfume and see if they are selling tester bottles.
Some online stores sell perfume tester packets that have several testers bundled together for a low price. Ask the manufacturer
Buyers that are looking for a specific brand can contact the manufacturer directly and ask for a sample.
Manufacturers will often have excess stock after they have released a new fragrance. Ebay
Many people sell samples and fragrances on online auction websites.
These sell for a very low price as these websites have a great deal of competition.
In order to buy from these websites, the buyer must create an online account and place a winning bid before the auction closes.
Some auctions may allow the buyer to buy a product before any bids have been placed using a "buy now" function.

Getting free samples

Generally most people do not need to pay for testers as they are easy enough to acquire for free.
Many manufacturers and retail outlets give out free sample bottles to interested customers. Ask for samples at a retail store
This is often the easiest way to get a free sample.
All one needs to do is go to the beauty counter at a department store and ask if they have any perfume samples.
Retail stores are not required to give these out so it is important to be nice to the sales assistant.
Generally, a friendly assistant will be able to provide free perfume, cosmetic and skin care samples.
If the assistant is unable to provide these, the buyer should ask if it is possible to purchase the sample.
Final word
Buyers should remember that they will only be able to get samples when they are in stock.

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