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Where to buy Panasonic microwaves

Are you thinking of buying a Panasonic microwave? Are you wondering where you can find one? In that case, you don’t have to spend your time searching, visiting retail stores and browsing through magazines and hundreds of websites. Read the following article, and find out all the interesting facts that you should know about buying Panasonic microwaves.

Where to search for a Panasonic microwave

If you are interested in buying a microwave from Panasonic or Panasonic
spare-parts and accessories for your microwave, you have two options. Options You can either purchase the Panasonic microwave that you need from the Panasonic official online store or visit a Panasonic authorised retail store. If you don’t know where your nearest Panasonic authorised retailer is located, you can benefit from the website’s store online locator search tool.

How to purchase a Panasonic microwave online

If you prefer to buy a Panasonic microwave oven online, you should start by visiting the Panasonic UK official website at, by clicking under the ‘E-shop’ section. You will be automatically redirected to the Panasonic online store website. Log in using your personal username and password.
Panasonic’s registration process If you are not a registered Panasonic user, you should follow the website’s online registration process. Panasonic’s registration process is quick and easy. You just have to click under the ‘Create new account’ and enter your e-mail address, and any other personal information required. After that you have successfully registered and activated your new Panasonic account, log in and start searching for the ideal Panasonic microwave.

How to purchase a Panasonic microwave for a retail store

If you are not familiarised with online shopping, you can visit a Panasonic authorised retail store. Steps - Visit the Panasonic UK official website, click under the ‘Where to buy’ section and select ‘Find your nearest independent dealer’. - Enter your street address, your area’s postcode or your city or area of residence. - Tick the box next to ‘Kitchen appliances’, and press the ‘Search’ button. Panasonic will automatically display all the Panasonic authorised retail stores that are in your area of residence.

How to contact Panasonic

If you have any additional queries regarding Panasonic dealers or if you need any more information about Panasonic microwaves, you can contact a Panasonic agent. Visit the Panasonic UK official website, and click under the ‘Contact Us’ section. You can contact a Panasonic agent by phone, post or e-mail by using the phone number, postal address or e-mail address that is provided.

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