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Where to buy a silk duvet cover

Thomas Nugent was confused by the fact that Westphalians slept between two feather beds in 1749, not realising that the top "feather bed" was actually a duvet, in use in the Netherlands since the 1700s, if not before. The duvet finally gained popularity in England and the rest of the world in the 1960s. This article details out where to buy a silk duvet cover.

Big-box stores

Duvet covers are handy items because they allow the users to remove them from the duvet and clean them, without having to clean the entire duvet. Big-box stores may have silk duvet covers, but the variety may not be very broad. The silk duvet covers will be in various designs as well as prices, and will probably be more expensive than duvet covers made of other materials. Check the care instructions on the tags when buying these covers and you may find that they will have to be dry cleaned or hand-washed.

Bedding store

A bedding store will have a wider selection of silk duvet covers due to the fact that they will be able to specialise their inventory more than a generalised big-box store. The silk duvet covers will come in a variety of styles - more than can be found in a big box store. You will be able to buy them separately, or with silk-covered duvets. Silk duvet covers may come in a set of silk sheets, silk covers for pillows or even a silk bed skirt. The silk bed linens will come in various shades and may be embroidered. The store mat also sells goose down comforters over which you can put a silk duvet cover.

Fabric store

If you are not satisfied with what is offered at any of the stores in which you looked for a silk duvet cover, then you can make your own. - Buy silk from a fabric store which is a little larger than your duvet. You want to give yourself plenty of room for seam allowances and the top flap. - Lay the fabric pieces right side to right side and sew along the bottom and sides, but leave the top open. - For added security, since the silk can be slippery and your duvet can move about inside, you can add lengths of seam tape at each corner and at the middle of the bottom and sides. - Sew loops on the corners of the duvet and thread the tape through the loops. Turn the duvet cover right side out with the duvet inside. - Close the cover using Velcro, buttons, or a zipper.

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