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Where to buy cheap two-way radio batteries

The best two-way radios can serve a huge array of purposes from being a way to save on phone bills for a family out in town to an essential life-saving and emergency tool used by maintenance professionals. Like all batteries, however, the battery for the radio will eventually degrade and render the whole communication system useless. This article will show you how to get the cheapest two-way radio batteries.

Understanding batteries

Before you set off to buy your new batteries, it is worth understanding a few key concepts. Contrary to popular belief, the capacity of a battery is not measured in Volts, but in Ampere Hours or Ah. The larger the number, the greater the batteries' life span before requiring a charge.
Exact same voltage When matching your batteries, get the exact same voltage, exceeding voltage can damage equipment and not having sufficient voltage means that your portable radio, two-way or any other battery powered equipment will not function properly. This could mean reduced range or simply that it will not switch on. Cell chemistry The final thing to note about batteries is the type of cell chemistry that is used. Avoid older nickel cadmium (NiCad) batteries as these have a memory effect.
In other words, after repeated use, the batteries will develop internal crystals and will not store the same amount of charge.
Newer cell technologies
Newer cell technologies include nickel metal hydride (NiMH) and lithium polymer (LiPo). Both are relatively robust, but the latter needs special charging technology, so check the specifications of your charger before investing.

Creating your battery packs

Rather than rushing out and buying batteries for your Motorola two-way radio, consider building your own packs. Now that you understand basic battery terminology and have some basic soldering skills, you will be able to source individual cells and build your own battery packs.
Solder the connectors Salvage any special connectors from your old pack and solder together your new pack in the same arrangement as the old one. It may be worth doing a little "reverse engineering" first to double check the exact size and voltage that your radio or radio headsets need. Ah capacity Remember, you need the same voltage, but if possible, go for a larger Ah capacity to improve the performance of your units. Warranty Only consider this line of action if your warranty has expired, or you have the explicit permission of the individual or organisation that owns the two-way radios. Thanks to planned obsolescence, it is likely that your warranty will expire followed shortly afterwards by your battery packs, so doing a bit of prior research can save you money and improve the performance of your radios!

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