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Where to buy discount craft supplies

The first works of art appeared in at least 38,000 BC in Australia, Europe and Africa. The first craft supplies may have been sharpened sticks, stones, clay, and paint made from leaves and plant stems. Over time, the craft supplies became more sophisticated, including paper, scissors, glues, paint brushes made from animal hair or man-made fibres, paints that are oil, watercolour and acrylic, and so much more. These art supplies are available at a discount for the budding and experienced artist.

Big-box stores

You will be able to find some art craft supplies at big-box stores, that include art supplies like scissors, paper, paints, coloured pencils and pint brushes. Some of these craft supplies will come pre-packaged in small kits or as part of other kits, such as those for making your own cards. The selection will not be as broad at other places, but the prices will be quite low. Buying these kits on sale will add more to the discount.

Online retailers

Online retailers are able to offer crafts supplies at discount. Retailers such as Great Art, Art Discount, and Art Supplies are able to offer art products at a larger discount than big-box stores. There, you may also be able to find craft supplies for many projects, including those to create your own cards, graphic art supplies, craft beads, art easels, craft equipment and other supplies for art. The inventory at these retailers are very wide and they change with weekly sales and other discount events. Some even offer free delivery once you reach a certain spending threshold.

Rummage sales and flea markets

Rummage sales and flea markets may also be a place where you may find discount craft supplies. You may find supplies that represented the inventory of shops that are now closed, used supplies which once belonged to children who no longer use them, papers and cards, and perhaps even quality art. Part of the fun of these locations is the search. You may not be able to find all the supplies that you need at one booth but at many. At the end of the day, you may come away with a collection of craft supplies that will keep you busy for many months to come.

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