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Where to buy discounted Roman blinds

Buying home blinds, black-out blinds, wood blinds and patio blinds can quickly become very expensive. There are certain types of blinds that can be more expensive than others, and Roman blinds may for example carry a hefty price tag in some cases. However, with a little bit of know-how, you may be able to find discounted Roman blinds for your home that you are happy with.

The Internet

The Internet is a great source for discounts on all kinds of products, including Roman blinds. There are many different websites that sell blinds, including websites like There are also stores like that sell a variety of different kinds of goods for your home at a discount. You may be able to find blinds on sale for a great cost from a site that doesn't specifically cater for blinds, so keep your mind open when browsing online.
Shopping comparison tool To buy blinds online, you can either visit individual manufacturers and companies' websites or, better yet, use an Internet shopping search engine. Google has a shopping comparison tool on their search engine and speciality sites like BizRate also allow you to do comparison shopping easily for prices. Put in "Roman Blinds" as your search term and see which websites and manufacturers are offering the best deals.

Department stores

Many department stores, including J.C. Penney, carry blinds and window coverings. You can visit these stores during annual or semi-annual white sales, which often come around the holidays or at the time when kids move into their dorm rooms in early fall. If you shop for the sales and watch the newspaper for coupons and deals, you may be able to get blinds from a department store at affordable prices.

Custom blinds

It may surprise you to find in some cases, custom blinds can actually be comparable in cost to store-bought blinds. If you find small local stores which make or sell window coverings, or if you work with a private designer who gets a discount which he can pass on to you, then you may be able to pay less for custom blinds than you ever thought of. Not only will you save money, but you will also get items perfectly suited to your home.

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