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Where to buy embroidered clothing

Many people want embroidered clothing, from those who want shirts with promotional logos on them to women who would like fashionable embroidery designs on t shirts etc. This article looks at the different places where you can buy various types of embroidered clothing.

High Street outlets

If you are looking for custom embroidered clothes such as logos on t-shirts, there are shops on the High Street which specialise in these things. They will usually do embroidered polo shirts, t-shirts, and similar items, and some have no minimum order. If what you are looking for is pretty embroidered clothing, you are indeed lucky, as embroidered and other ethnic clothing is very fashionable at the moment. Primark has quite a good slection at very reasonable prices and so, do several other well-known High Street stores.

Shopping online

As for most other items these days, there is a huge selection of embroidered clothing on the Internet. A number of outlets make logo and custom embroidery, including and it is worth shopping around to get good prices and a small minimum order if that is what you need. However, some places have no minimum order at all. If you are looking for fashionable embroidered clothing , auction site eBay could be your best bet. If you do a search on eBay, a large variety of embroidered clothing of all types is likely to turn up, some on auction and some at a fixed price.

Craft fairs

Embroidery is popular with craftspeople, so if you want to find attractive embroidered clothing, then craft fairs may be the place to go. You may have to hunt around a bit, but you can find embroidered t-shirts, embroidered hats, and a wide variety of other clothing with hand-made embroidery on it.

Other outlets

Ethnic stores A lot of traditional and ethnic clothing is embroidered, so it might be worth looking in Indian and other Asian clothes shops. You can find these online, or in the ethnic areas of large towns and cities. Second-hand outlets It is worth looking at antique and second-hand shops, and also charity clothing stores. Car boot sales are also a possibility. Embroidered clothing may well turn up in any of these places. Good luck!

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