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Where to buy recycled glass countertops

Are you one who likes to both impress their friends with your new interior design additions as well as pride yourself on your eco-friendly shopping. A great idea for doing just that is by incorporating stylish glass countertops into your kitchen surfaces. Available in variety of colours and designs, these kitchen counters will add a unique edge to your interior. Here is where to buy them.


Recycled glass countertops are generally constructed from glass that has been thrown out by homes or businesses. Thus, in most of these products, it will be likely to find fragments of items such as bottles and dinnerware, and even old broken windows. Colours and designs The real beauty of these recycled glass products is down to the fact that every style that you may choose for your particular work surface can be entirely unique. It is always available in stunningly gorgeous colours such as amber, bottle green or cobalt blue, many companies also offer the option of having yours custom-made. Uses In general, this type of work surface is ideal for either under-mounted or integral sinks as well as drainer grooves. In the UK, the most popular names for supplying this type of product include UrbnRok, John Porter Worktops and Resilica.


With headquarters in Greater London, UrbnRok Limited collect over ten tonnes of waste glass each month. Their business and manufacturing premises have been specifically designed with an environmentally-friendly approach. Using a minimum of energy possible as well as recycling water, this company is doing its utmost to keep its carbon footprint to a minimum.

John Porter Workshops

John Porter Workshops offer a huge selection of recycled glass countertops that will be available for home delivery in just about every area of the UK. Included in their range are glass worktops available in brown, green, blue or even clear glass. Specialising in bespoke designs, their products are ideal for both commercial and domestic applications.


Made in the UK from guaranteed 100% recycled material, Resilica products are also hand-made and feature stunning bespoke designs. The process of manufacture for these products includes the use of solvent-free resin which is then mixed with the glass fragments and formed into solid panels. The material is then grounded until the glass fragments produce a stunning sparkling quality. End note All these products are eco-friendly, non-toxic, hygienic and highly durable.

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